July 2012 - Eunice Quiroga
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Meet Eunice Quiroga
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Name: Eunice Quiroga          
Age:  20
Previous/Current Occupation: Student at Texas A&M      
Church: St. Mary’s and St. Thomas Aquinas 
Major and classification: Architecture, class of 2014
Any passions/interests?:  Oh so many.  I believe one can never have too much knowledge or creativity, so much of my spare time is spent learning and creating.  I love learning about philosophy, theology and science but I also highly enjoy crafting and making lots of lovely things.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? I became involved as a sidewalk counselor when I was about 14 or so at the suggestion of my mother. I’ve been a counselor since, and have continued to work to promote the Pro-Life Movement.  In the past few years, I have had the privilege of leading several events around my school and the community.  These occasions, such as the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, National Pro-Life T-shirt week and the Floating Pro-Life Rosary, have afforded me the opportunity to make a difference. Having to fight and struggle for the right to have these events has let me see first hand how important and significant this activism is. When someone says that I can’t do something, especially when it is for such a worthy cause, my motivation is inflamed and that, the knowledge that we are making a difference for the right reasons, is what keeps me involved.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I’m Pro-Life because I can not comprehend being anything else. As a person rooted deeply in science and logic, there can be no other option than to recognize the developmental miracle that is a tiny human within their mother’s womb. There is an overwhelming amount of hard evidence and unquestionable facts supporting a child’s right to life, whereas I can see no more than rhetoric and convenience arguing the Pro-Choice argument.
Any additional thoughts (comments):  As Pro-Lifers, we have to live the calling, fully. We can no longer just call ourselves Pro-Life and be content about that, we have been called to completely embrace the Culture of Life, by helping out pregnancy centers, being open and receptive to people with differing opinions, by adopting or helping people adopt and by treasuring the life of every individual human being.  My hope for this movement is that when Planned Parenthood claims that we don’t care about women, everyone has had a positive experience of us so that no one will believe their slander.


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