February 2012 - Veronica Arnold
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Meet Veronica Arnold
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Name:  Veronica Arnold

Age:  22 

Previous/Current Occupation:  Student at Texas A&M University

Church:   St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Major and classification: Biology and Spanish double major, Senior, class of 2011

Any passions/interests?:  Dancing, singing, studying foreign languages, healthcare and medicine, pro-life politics, discussing my Faith with others, and watching someone’s face slowly change as they realize the truth about abortion.

How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? 
In college I learned of a pro-life scholarship program with Texas Right to Life to help students start or maintain a pro-life group on their campus. After joining the program and receiving weeks of training and education from doctors, lawyers, politicians, pro-life counselors and adoption workers, I was bursting to re-vamp the pro-life group that was already at A&M. My friends and I in Pro-Life Aggies started researching the pro-life community in the B-CS area, and I realized I had landed in the most pro-life town in America. I began praying with the Coalition in the fall of 2009, and helped develop a strong relationship between the Coalition and Pro-Life Aggies.

Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I grew up in an actively pro-life family, praying at abortions clinics in Houston, volunteering at the Foundation for Life banquets and traveling to the annual Rally for Life. I always identified with the pro-life mentality, but I had never known anyone that was pro-choice. I had never even had a discussion with someone who thought differently. In college, my boat rocked a little when I realized some of my new friends had had abortions and were still suffering from the emotional effects. It only worsened when I realized just how horribly some women are treated after they have abortions, and how many people shun them instead of offering forgiveness and love. It became a passion of mine to teach people the truth about abortion and discuss it as often as I can. Working in a pro-life group on campus is the perfect way to do this, and I reach people almost every day who are either shocked to hear the truth or they are suffering from the effects of abortion themselves.

Any additional thoughts (comments): One of my favorite things to do in the pro-life movement is have a lighthearted conversation about serious matters. This happens all the time across the Planned Parenthood fence, and the Coalition for Life has it down to a science. It is very difficult, because most people would turn it into an argument, but I’ve realized that if you ask people what they believe and listen to them first, they usually listen to you as well. If you are truly interested and tell them that you understand their thoughts, they usually appreciate it so much that they want to hear your thoughts too. I love telling people what I believe and showing them my excitement. The best part is watching them pick up on the excitement and becoming interested in something they never expected. We can only hope that little seed of truth will take root and change their hearts forever, and that we’ll see them one day on the pro-life side of the fence.

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