January 2012 - Andrew Carlson
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Meet Andrew Carlson
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Name:  Andrew Carlson

Age:  19    

Previous/Current Occupation:  Student and Carlsonian Lawn and Landscaping

Church:   Westminster Presbyterian Church

Major and classification: Business Management; Blinn College Bryan transfer to Texas A&M Class of 2015

Any passions/interests?:  Equal rights for all people, Preserving the Priceless Liberties of the American Constitution, Hunting, Fishing, Metal Music, Golf, Racquetball, and most of all, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? 
I had always had an interest in the Coalition for Life, but it was not until three years ago that I really became involved. A friend of mine invited me to a book group, which just so happened to be made up of Coalition volunteers, and through conversation and growing friendships, I soon began to feel a calling to go and do whatever I could to help the children that were being murdered, and the families that were being destroyed in my own town. It began with a single prayer hour, led to my sidewalk counselor training in December 2010, and continues with a commitment that I will not give up on as long as I live; that is the commitment to Life.

Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): My family has always been pro-life. That is the kind of home in which I grew up. My grandmother and mother took me out to protest at Planned Parenthood when I was only five years old. I had only a tiny grasp on why I was there, and I recall being quite bored with the whole ordeal. As I grew older, I retained an interest in the Coalition for Life, but I was not serious about actively joining the Pro-Life movement until I was sixteen. By then I had a much better understanding of abortion, but I still had much more to learn. I believed abortion was murder, and that was reason enough for me to take action. I learned a great deal more about the philosophical, scientific, and Biblical sides of the unborn people and the issue of abortion through my Pro-Life friends and my own thorough, personal research. Now I not only believe abortion is murder; I know it is murder. It only destroys, and there is no positive side to it. It is, put quite simply, an abomination. Just as the unborn are torn apart in the womb during an abortion so also is the family torn apart. Women put their physical and spiritual well-being at risk when they have an abortion. Men destroy a part of themselves when they kill their son or daughter. On top of all of this, Planned Parenthood and other abortion institutions blatantly lie to and mislead the public concerning their intentions and the facts of abortion. I could go on forever, but I must come to a close. It was not until just a year ago that I learned my own grandfather had been on the original board of the first Coalition for Life. I was very proud to learn this. I am carrying on a legacy of Life, and it is my duty to do all that I can to help the people of my country and the people of this world. I pledge myself to stand for what is right, and I will not rest until I am dead or the abomination of abortion is banished from our country.

Any additional thoughts (comments):  If we do not respond to the calling of our Lord, he will find another way to do his will. But would it not be the highest honor and privilege for us to be the ones who answered the call and fought for justice?

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