October 2011 - David and Laura Barker
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Where are they now?

Meet David and Laura Barker!

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Name:  David Barker and Laura Barker

Age:   29 and 28  

Previous/Current Occupation: Civil Engineer in DFW and GIS Analyst/Full Time Mom

Church: Mater Dei in Irving, TX

Major and classification: Civil Engineering and Geography, 2005

Any passions/interests?:
David:  Trying to be a saint, but failing miserably! 
Laura:  Homeschooling/Gardening/Reading good books

How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved?
David:  During my time at A&M, I started volunteering at the Coalition because of my involvement with St. Mary’s.  It was through St. Mary’s that I got to know my then future wife Laura and the other employees/volunteers at the Coalition for Life.  I got involved because I wanted to do my part in fighting the injustice being committed against our baby brothers and sisters in the womb.  In reality this injustice is actually being committed against Jesus Himself – “whatever you do to the least of these you do to Me” 
Laura: When my parents helped me move in my sophomore year (fall 2002), we drove by the Planned Parenthood on our way to Wal-Mart.  I noticed someone on the sidewalk with their head bowed holding a sign with numbers on it.  I realized that must be the abortion clinic (growing up in a rural area, I had never seen one and only vaguely knew about the whole issue).  That same evening at daily Mass at St. Mary’s, I heard an announcement asking for volunteers to stand and pray the next Saturday.  I took it as a call from God to go out there.  I was overwhelmed by the prayer presence on the sidewalk praying for what seemed like a desperate cause. Nevertheless, I felt pulled to go back again and again.   God convicted me to take a stand and pray hour that fall, and 2 years later I became convinced that I didn’t have to be a professional to be a sidewalk counselor. Through my years of standing and praying and sidewalk counseling I realized that it doesn’t so much matter the results I see while I am out there, but it is important that I do in fact go out there and remain faithful to God.  The results are His business, not mine.

Why you are pro life (is there a story here?):
David:  I am pro-life because of Jesus’ Passion.  If you sincerely love Jesus then you cannot help but be pro-life.
Laura:  It was a gradual awakening because of the strong pro-life presence at St. Mary’s & the Coalition for Life, nothing awe-inspiring.

Any additional thoughts (comments):
David:  Jesus’ Passion, Death and Resurrection are the only reasons our lives have any meaning, and they are the only reasons a person has to smile. 
Laura:  One day when I was out on the sidewalk, I was getting really frustrated by the continual drove (it seemed like) of women coming in for abortions.  I began complaining to God: “Why don’t you just come down and show your power – end this right now.”  God seemed to tell me that that is what they said to him on the Cross.  I was stunned and felt very ashamed.  I felt that God was calling me to just stay out there no matter if I never saw a save – I needed to be a witness for Him.

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