September 2011 - David Casper
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Meet David Casper!

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Name: David Casper

Age: 22

Previous/Current Occupation: youth minister

Church: St. Louis Catholic Church

Major and classification: B.A. in music composition

Any passions/interests?: music, theology, good books, running, Frisbee

How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? I heard about 40 Days for Life through a couple friends my sophomore year who encouraged me to sign up. I had a really busy college schedule at the time, so for the first couple 40 Days campaigns, I just took a single late-night hour, which meant there wasn’t an opportunity for me to talk to the clinic workers or clients, just to pray. In prayer on the sidewalk, I began to come to terms with the real spiritual warfare being fought on that very spot, so once my schedule cleared up my senior year of college, I took a more active role, getting trained as a sidewalk counselor and coming during business hours, even on abortion days.

Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I was raised in a good Christian home in a situation where abortion never came up in any conversations. I’d maybe heard of it once before high school, but then in high school, my youth group had some pro-life lock-ins and similar events, so I considered myself pro-life. However, I didn’t realize the gravity and the epidemic proportions of the issue until getting involved with 40 Days – because I was raised far from the abortion mindset, I always thought of it as more of a fringe issue, something not a lot of people actually had to deal with. Volunteering with the Coalition showed me just how real and prevalent the danger is, and how many women and men of all different demographics are faced with abortion every day. Knowing that, there were no excuses left for my inaction.

Any additional thoughts (comments): Everywhere across America, we seem to be plagued with this mindset of “I wouldn’t personally have an abortion, but I think women should have the choice to do it.” For every second we continue to believe that, more children die. There are some things you can’t justify – you wouldn’t say, “I wouldn’t personally murder or rape someone, but I think people should have the choice to do those things.” We all understand that murder and rape are free choices on the part of the murderer or rapist, but they take away the rights and free will of the victims of those actions. Abortion is nothing more than a particularly sick form of murder, and nothing less than a removal of the life, rights, and free will of its victims: our children. We cannot remain silent.

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