August 2011 - Heather Gardner
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Meet Heather Gardner!

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Name: Heather Gardner
Age: 26
Previous/Current Occupation: Director of Communications, Brazos Valley Coalition for Life; currently Director of Outreach, Austin Coalition for Life
Church: St. Williams in Round Rock, TX
Major and classification: BA in Sociology, AA in Music (Vocal Performance), class of 2008 WHOOP!
Any passions/interests?: Growing in my faith! Music & Singing! Being involved in true social justice! Spending time with family and friends! Another exclamation point!
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? As a freshman at Texas A&M, I became involved with St. Mary’s Catholic Center. Through the various ministries St. Mary’s had to offer, I heard that there was a group of people who went to pray in front of the local abortion facility. The thought alone convicted me. I learned more about the Coalition for Life and decided to lay down my own fears and worries to go stand and pray in front of the very place abortions were happening in our community. I did not go often, until I became a Sidewalk Counselor two years later. I did NOT want to be a Sidewalk Counselor. When I heard that not only were there people who prayed, but there were people who talked to the women and tried to convince them not to abort their child, I was scared at the very idea! I thought to myself for a long time, I could never do that. As we all know, God usually has other plans.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): There are many reasons I am pro-life. In fact, every day I find more and more solid reasons to be pro-life! I grew up in a good, loving Christian home, so I always knew that abortion was wrong. I do not remember the first time I learned about abortion, but I do know that by the time I got to high school, I was writing papers about abortion in my classes as often as I could. I even remember one classmate telling me that she disagreed with me that abortion was wrong, because a woman who is raped shouldn’t have that reminder for the rest of her life. I responded that no woman ever deserves to go through something as traumatic and violent as rape, but why should the baby suffer for the father’s crime? She was speechless. Little did I know just how involved and passionate I would be in the pro-life movement. My faith alone is enough to be pro-life. But logic and reason also show me that abortion is never ok.
Any additional thoughts (comments): We can look at our culture over the last 60 years or so and see that abortion does not solve any of the social problems we have, but rather it only ensues them. It’s like adding gasoline to the fire. There are numerous abortion doctors, abortion clinic workers, and radical pro-choice advocates that have had the shields removed from their eyes and have become pro-life (Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Abby Johnson, Star Parker, to name a few). We can learn (and we have learned) so much from their perspective! The pro-life movement is only growing stronger (by the Grace of God!), and we see a constant shift in pro-choice arguments and “logic” all the time. As science becomes more and more advanced, abortion advocates’ arguments crumble. When you follow pro-choice rhetoric through, it is obvious that there is no sensible basis for it. Our culture is so self-absorbed in this mind-set that we cannot even recognize that we are literally killing ourselves. Like a frog placed in boiling water, he will jump out right away, but if he is placed in cool water that is slowly heated, he won’t even know he is cooking to death. For anyone reading this, do not wait any longer to take action and be a voice for the voiceless. We are living in a modern-day holocaust, and it is only when God’s people rise up that we are able to end the injustice. We must honor and respect the dignity of every human life, and we must respond out of love and humility. We must pray, unceasingly. God be with all of us!

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