July 2011 - Carl Paustian
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Meet Carl Paustian!

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Name: Carl Paustian
Age: 23
Previous/Current Occupation: Student
Church: St. Mary’s Catholic Center
Major and classification:  Masters in Biotechnology
Any passions/interests?:  Science – genetics and biochemistry. Catholic teachings – particularly on Faith and morals. Defending truth and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? For years I passively supported the pro-life movement by praying from the comfort of my home. One day it just clicked and I realized that I was not doing everything that I could to end abortion in our community – I was only doing all that I cared to do. It was evident to me that if I wanted to see great change, it would start with my personal conversion and the conversion of those around me before it could grow and affect our nation and our world. So I took the next step and began spending an hour outside of Planned Parenthood praying. God continued to pour down His grace, and after witnessing the effectiveness of so many wonderful sidewalk counselors, I knew that if I wanted to make a real difference I would have to, once again, step outside myself and do something that I wasn’t 100% comfortable with. But like I said before, God provides. It has been difficult to be a sidewalk counselor, but every time I can let someone know that they have our support, our prayers and our love, it is completely worth it.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I’m pro-life mainly because I “studied” myself into it. Through my interest in genetics, I know that biologically each embryo is a distinct and separate human life.  Every human should be afforded the same dignity because we are created in God’s image and likeness, even those who are not yet born.

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