June 2011 - Rachel Kazanski
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Meet Rachel Kazanski!

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Name: Rachel Kazanski
Age: 23
Previous/Current Occupation: Civil Engineering Assistant
Church: Central Baptist Church
Major and classification: Civil Engineering
Any passions/interests?: Unreached people groups!! My husband Bobby and I want to be missionaries overseas to plant churches where people have never heard the Gospel before, looking ahead for the return of Christ! We also like learning about other cultures and languages, photography, playing guitar, and drinking coffee.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? My husband and I moved into the apartment complex next to Planned Parenthood, and we drove by it all the time. The Lord began to burden my heart about the evil going on inside of that building, and when I got laid off of one of my jobs in August, I knew exactly what to do with my free time. I’ve been praying on the sidewalk ever since.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I am pro life because abortion is killing a baby, and killing a baby is wrong. Our nation has been deceived into thinking that when a woman is pregnant, she does not have a baby inside of her, and it is OK to “end a pregnancy.” I believe we’ve been blinded by idolatry, kill children in the name of convenience, independence, etc. But when a woman gets an abortion, one day down the road she realizes what she truly did, and the weight of guilt is more than she can bear. We should give women the truth before they make this decision, and pray that God will open their eyes!
Any additional thoughts (comments): I like being actively pro-life. The pro-life cause is a great cause. As a Christian, my purpose on this earth is to glorify God. I pray for the Bryan Planned Parenthood to close down and for babies to be saved from abortion, but more than that, I pray for the salvation of the employees, volunteers, clients, and unborn children, that one day they will repent of their sin, believe in Jesus as their Savior, and glorify God with their lives.

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