Fetal Development
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                             Who gets aborted?

Day 1: At the moment of conception, when the sperm penetrates the egg, a new, unrepeatable human life is formed. This new tiny person differs from born children and adults only in size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency, none of which makes him or her less valuable.

"…each of us has a unique beginning, the moment of conception … As soon as the 23 chromosomes carried by the sperm encounter the 23 chromosomes carried by the ovum, the whole information necessary and sufficient to spell out all the characteristics of the new being is gathered … a new human being is defined which has never occurred before and will never occur again … [it] is not just simply a non-descript cell, or a ‘population’ or loose ‘collection’ of cells, but a very specialized individual …"1

“Human embryos and human fetuses are human beings, each with their own unique genetic DNA” ~ Ralph P. Miech, Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, Emeritus, Brown University

“Science has a very simple conception of man; as soon as he has been conceived, a man is a man.” ~Jerome Lejeune, M.D., Ph.D., former professor of Fundamental Genetics, Hôpital des Enfants Malades, Paris, France

Day 21: The heart begins to beat, unsurely at first, gaining strength day by day.2 The heart beats 70 times per minute at first, reaching a maximum of 170-190 at seven weeks, and slowing a bit to 160-180 at 9 weeks.3

Day 42 (week 6): The baby develops nerve connections that will lead to a sense of smell. The brain is now divided into 3 parts – one to experience emotion and understand language, one for hearing and one for seeing. Joints begin to form.4

Day 56 (week 8): By the end of 8 weeks, eyelid folds are present and cerebrospinal fluid production begins. By nine weeks, the arteries and veins of the heart are complete.4

Day 70 (week 10): At 10 weeks, tooth buds form and the baby is able to move his/her arms and legs, as well as fingers and toes. The fine motor control and coordination to point the index finger is impressive.4

Day 84 (week 12): By the end of 12 weeks, the first trimester is over.  Every organ found in adults is present in the baby, and from now on is just rapidly growing.4

...the story does not end here.

The growth and development of a human life continues in ways that are just as exciting as the beginning!

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