February 2011 - Jessica Morgan
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Meet Jessica Morgan!

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Name: Jessica Morgan
Age: 31
Previous/Current Occupation: Pediatric nurse
Church: finding a church in my new neighborhood
Major and classification: Marketing, Class of 2002; Nursing, Class of 2010
Any passions/interests?: Cooking!  I also enjoy working with youth.  I have volunteered with my church’s youth group for over 10 years (on a small break at the moment with finishing school, moving, etc.)  and have helped in teaching religious education and chaperoning many retreats and other social events.  I have also taken groups to the March for Life in Washington, DC and to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany and Sydney, Australia.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved?  I met Karen while I was on the March for Life trip in 2009.  At the time I was still living in Fort Worth and involved in the pro-life efforts up there.  Later that year, I was accepted to Texas A&M Health Science Center’s nursing program and moved down to College Station.  During my first week in town, I ran into Karen at Sweet Eugene’s.  She invited me to come by the office and sign up for a Stand and Pray hour.  Within the next few weeks, I went through sidewalk counselor training, and a few months later, went through in-house counselor training.
My motivations for being involved in the pro-life movement ultimately lie with two friends of mine.  In their pasts, both had abortions, and gravely regret doing so.  When I become discouraged, or can’t find the energy to get out to the sidewalk very early in the morning, I am reminded of the total despair they both had on their faces when they relayed to me what they had done.  Both felt they had no other options; that’s what motivates me to be out on the sidewalk – I want to make sure all women going in know they have other options.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?):
I remember the day I became pro-life.  When I was eight years old, George H.W. Bush was running against Michael Dukakis in the 1988 presidential election.  The night before the election, both candidates had 30-minute segments on a major network to convince America why they should vote for him.  I remember my mom folding laundry in our kitchen when Dukakis was on – she said she could never vote for a man that killed babies.  I didn’t know what she meant, so like any child, I questioned.  I learned what abortion was, and knew I was against it.  I still remember this event clearly, even after 22 years.  It was an event that would largely shape my beliefs that still hold importance into adulthood.
I became what I consider “active” in the pro-life movement after attending my first March for Life in Washington, DC in 2005.  Prior to this, I had helped in various events through youth group, but would not have considered myself active in the pro-life movement.  While in DC, I had prayed on the sidewalk for the first time and witnessed the passion of other pro-lifers.  This passion motivated me to become more active in the movement.  I came back home, and started going to pray at the local abortion clinics in Fort Worth once a month.  I also continued to go to the March for Life each year for the next five years and helped run a lock-in to produce funds for high school youth to attend, as well.
Throughout the years, I have met many people; some are pro-life because of stories like mine, others because they were hurt by abortion.  Over the past six years, two of my friends had relayed to me they were victims of abortion.  It’s because of these two friends I continue to persevere; why I get up and go when I would rather stay in bed or do something else.  They both felt they had no other options than to have their abortion, and both deeply regret doing so.  It’s for them I go out to the sidewalk and make sure women know they DO have other options.

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