January 2011 - Eric Robles
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Meet Eric Robles!

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Name: Eric Robles
Age: 25
Previous/Current Occupation:  High School Teacher/Gymnastics Coach
Church: St. Joseph
Major and classification: Speech Communication/ Masters of Education
Any passions/interests?: I enjoy reading, playing guitar, playing with my dog Paisley, and watching movies.  My true passion is my teaching.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? I became involved back in 2003.  I became involved because I had never seen or even heard of an abortion clinic before I went to college at Texas A&M.  I was always one to be a passive person when it came to these types of issues.  However, through the guidance of close friends who “voluntold” me into praying in front of Planned Parenthood, I came to understand our mission and purpose of love and hope.  
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I am pro-life primarily because I work with kids everyday.  I am a high school teacher.  There are days when I want to pull my hair out!  There are other days when I am left speechless at the intelligence, joy, laughter, creativity, and preciousness of the students all around me.  When I think of abortion, I think of the kid I could have taught.  I think of the dances that child could have gone to.  I think of the homecoming mums she could have worn.  I think of the trouble she or he could have gotten in to.  I think of the success they could have been.  Seeing students around me on a daily basis makes me pro-life. 
Any additional thoughts (comments): As a teacher, at least once a year a student will come to me with a crisis pregnancy.  Multiple times I have referred the students to the Coalition for Life and the students found hope and comfort.  I always have trust that the Coalition will take care of my students, whom I hold dear to my heart, and guide them in the right direction.  This issue transcends all religions, convictions, and political parties.  This is a Human issue.  It was once said; “to be pro-choice and Christian” is a contradiction.  I would argue if we can agree abortion ends the life of a human embryo, then to be human and pro-choice is a contradiction. 
Considering all involved in the abortion decision/process, we must remember those who do not have a choice…the human life being ended.  My favorite quote from former Director for the Coalition For Life in College Station, Shawn Carney is, “we can not judge the value of a human life by the circumstances of their conception.” 

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