December 2010 - Laura Davis
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Meet Laura Davis!

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Name: Laura Davis

Age: 21
Church: University Lutheran Chapel, College Station
Major and classification: Texas Aggie Class of 2011, First year Master of Public Service and Administration student at the Bush School of Government and Public Service
Any passions/interests?: Music, people, children, spending time outside in God’s wonderful creation
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? I was asked to organize my church’s Stand and Pray hours for the 40 Days for Life campaign in the fall of my freshman year. Originally, I thought that I would not be able to stand in front of a Planned Parenthood and pray about abortion. I thought it would be uncomfortable and ineffective. At the time, I didn’t really understand the power a prayerful witness could have in our community. Well, obviously, God had other plans. That fall was the first time I joined the 40 Days for Life campaign.  After being blown away by the sidewalk counselors who were out there while I prayed and being encouraged and uplifted by their witness, I decided to become a sidewalk counselor myself. For the last couple of years, I have seen God work in the lives of countless individuals, both patients of the clinic and fellow volunteers. I have learned that prayer is a very powerful thing. I have stayed involved with the Coalition for Life because I believe that in order to end abortion, we have to show women that they are loved and accepted just the way they are and that God has a plan for them no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. As a sidewalk counselor I have the privilege and honor to share this message with them.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): There is no specific story for why or how I became pro-life. I had grown up knowing that abortion was wrong and feeling sad that it happened. I was never really convicted, however, to do something about it until my friend showed me pictures of what abortion really was. In that moment I knew that it was evil and needed to stop. When I came to A&M, and heard about the Coalition for Life and places like Hope Pregnancy Center, I knew that there was a way for me to apply the gifts God has given me to end abortion. I am now studying non-profit management with a desire and a call from God to get involved in pregnancy resource centers or other faith-based pro-life organizations.
Any additional thoughts (comments): Everyone can use their individual gifts to serve God and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. It could be praying or counseling at Planned Parenthood or simply sharing the love of God with someone. There is a place for everyone in this great movement and those willing and able to help you find that place. You simply need to ask! God Bless!

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