October 2010 - Karen Kruse Hall
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Meet Karen Kruse Hall!

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Name:  Karen Kruse Hall
Current Occupation:  President, Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance, CTOMA
Church:  Central Baptist
Education:  BS, Texas A&M University, 1973, Baylor School of Medical Technology, 1973, Real Estate Brokerage 1982, and graduate studies at University of Texas, Dallas 1976.
Focus:  International and local missions for children, including medical, humanitarian, disaster assistance, and community service in the Brazos Valley.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved?  I am involved because of my faith in Jesus Christ.  I responded to the call for sidewalk counselors after seeing the huge need while I participated in Stand and Pray in front of the abortion clinic.   I volunteered to counsel and spent 15 hours a week for two years during 2002 to 2004.  At that time I prayed that if God ever asked me to help in any other way, all He had to do was show me.  He did exactly that.  I purchased the property next door to the abortion facility last year, and decided to use it entirely for charity work.  We are currently in construction but will be finishing soon!  I have been involved in adoption and charity for children for 16 years, and my husband, Wes, and I have parented 20 children in our home.  We have 12 adopted children, one in the adoption process and 7 birth/step children.  We have had more than 15 international students and medical mission children that we have cared for.  I believe that all children should be loved, and that all children in the womb are to be protected. Our experience in charity and our work in caring for children, has given us the unique opportunity to speak for them in many ways.   It is a privilege to serve in the Coalition for Life and in the CTOMA charity where we can show our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and our fellow man.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?):  I am prolife because I feel that we should speak out for the helpless.  The most helpless are the babies who are orphaned in that their mothers do not want them.  I have always been pro life, but I was not always outspoken on the issue.  I now believe that we must speak up for the helpless, and that we must come to their aid. 
Any additional thoughts (comments):  In addition to our ongoing international work, the CTOMA charity is collecting food for the elderly in the Brazos Valley.  The volunteers drive the food to their doors, and visit with them.  Our charity provided 750 meals for children at spring break this year.  Every year for the past 6 years, our volunteers join in cooking meals with Epicures at Thanksgiving.  We will be opening a community health screening clinic at our new building at 4100 E. 29th Street.  The building will also be used for education, counseling, and adoption information.  It will be used to train teams for international missions and to hold Bible studies.  It will be a place for anyone who would like to be involved in helping those in need, and it will provide service opportunities for volunteers.

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