September 2010 - Claire Culwell
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Meet Claire Culwell

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Claire is an abortion survivor and a volunteer for the Coalition for Life. 

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Name: Claire Culwell

Age: 22

Previous/Current Occupation: Student and Speaker with Ambassador Speakers Bureau

Church: Grace Bible

Major and classification: 5th year Senior, Nursing Major (changing to Sociology)

Any passions/interests?  Life, Jesus, Family, Friendships, Serving others by sharing my story
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? I became a volunteer because I found out I was affected by abortion about a year and a half ago. This changed my life. I had walked into the Coalition For Life wondering what their organization provided and 5 months later I met my birth mother who told me my life is a miracle. My birth mother was 13 years old at the time she became pregnancy with me. Her mother took her straight to an abortion clinic where she had a surgical abortion. After thinking she had “fixed the problem,” a few weeks later she realized her belly was still growing. Her mother took her back to the abortion clinic where she learned that she had been pregnant with twins…One was aborted; One survived. My life is a miracle and I would be selfish to keep this GIFT of life to myself. I want to tell everyone what a gift I and even they have been given!! I want to encourage them to seek alternatives to abortion because I would never want any woman/man to go through the grief and the pain that my birth mother went through simply because she didn’t know she had any other option. I also want to be a vessel to offer God’s forgiveness to the men and women who have previously had abortions. I know healing is possible and I have been given the gift of surviving an abortion so that I can tell these men and women that they are forgiven…coming from an aborted child, I hope they know the power of forgiveness and healing through meeting me. My involvement in Coalition For Life has transformed me, taught me how to stand up for life on the front lines, and how to share my story in a meaningful way. I have the staff at Coalition For Life to thank for encouraging me to get involved and to share my story not only on the sidewalk but in public (my biggest fear) because God is glorified when I publically proclaim that “I am here not because of anything I did, but ONLY because of God’s mercy and love for me.”

Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I am pro-life because I am adopted. I was adopted at birth into the most amazing, loving, stable, Christian family. I could not have a better family. I know personally that there is always a better decision than abortion. The GIFT of life and the GIFT of adoption are powerful, overwhelming and after receiving both of these gifts because of grace, how could I not be Pro-Life?

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