August 2010 - Sonja Olsen
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Meet Sonja Olsen!

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Name: Sonja Olsen
Age: 54
Previous/Current Occupation: Retired (time to volunteer in a variety of ministries)
Church: Bethel in Bryan
Any passions/interests?: I’m passionate about “at-risk” youth.  God has given me a burden for teens who desperately need to be shown the love and compassion of Jesus.  I’ve been so blessed to know not only the teens in our community, but also their families.  I don’t need to go to another country for a mission trip…we have a huge mission field in our own back yard!
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? While having lunch with a friend one day, we started talking about serious issues in our community.  She brought up the topic of abortion and told me that she was a sidewalk counselor.  I knew after that day that I had to be proactive in doing my part to end abortion. I went to the next sidewalk counseling training session, and I’ve been actively volunteering since.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): Every life is precious and valuable to God. We are all created in His image.  I will not be silent for those who do not have a voice!!
Any additional thoughts (comments): It has been an honor joining such an amazing group of people for a common cause – ending abortion.  I look with anticipation for the day when God closes the doors to Planned Parenthood for good!

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