June 2010
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Meet Matt Hurley!

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Name: Matthew Hurley

Age: 26

Previous/Current Occupation:
My primary occupation is husband to my lovely wife, Helen. I am a Marine, but no longer serving. I'm also a Freshman at A&M going through the brand new BS of Visualization in the Architecture college.

Westminster Presbyterian Church PCA

Major and classification:
BS in Visualization, probably going for an MS in the same.

Any passions?
My greatest passion is intellectual honesty. Without the willingness to follow the truth wherever it leads you, decisions become arbitrary and meaningless. When I follow the truth, regardless of how uncomfortable the destination is, then the decisions that I make are truths that go beyond myself; they are unshakable realities that inform the rest of my life.

How did you become a volunteer?
When I finished my contract with the Marine Corps, I moved back to town and I was convicted by my best friend's commitment to end abortion. I realized that I had gone to war overseas because 3000 people died on September 11th, 2001. Knowing that 3000 people die every day from abortion, I had no excuse to stand by any longer.

Why are you pro-life?
Intellectually, there is no other option. I cannot come to any other conclusion than that abortion is arbitrary. In every other situation, killing arbitrarily is considered unconscionable. Personally, it runs in my blood. As a patriotic person, a military man, and especially as a Marine, every fiber of my conscience, upbringing, and training inexorably compels me to defend life. Even to the laying down of my own life, I have committed to preserve the liberty of every person. To preserve mothers from the tyranny of lies and fear, to preserve children (all children) from wanton acts of violence, and to preserve future generations from the cancerous ideas and devastating effects of capricious value for life.

Any additional thoughts (comments):
Perspective is often helpful. Abortions have a guaranteed 50% fatality rate. Of the 50% who survive the abortion, all are women, most are traumatized, some permanently. One third of my generation is missing, killed by abortions. Every single day more than 3000 abortions are performed in the United States alone. 3000 people died in the World Trade Center buildings. Almost 3000 people died at Pearl Harbor. 3000 children attended Bryan High with me the year I graduated. That's twice the population of Franklin, just 30 miles North of Bryan. That's more than twice the world-wide deaths attributed to Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and SARS combined... ever. Perspective is often sobering. I hope it will be motivating.

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