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Meet Jennifer Erchinger
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Name: Jennifer Erchinger
Age: 23
Previous/Current Occupation: Graduate Student at Texas A&M University
Church: Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Major and classification: Chemistry, Class of ’11; Health Physics, Class of ‘13
Any passions/interests?: One of my greatest passions is traveling. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate career, I have been able to really fuel that interest and experience different cultures, foods, and people across the US and the globe. When I have a few extra minutes, I craft, knit, or get lost in good fiction in books or Netflix.
How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved? My freshman year at TAMU, I had a friend at church ask me to participate in the 40 Days for Life campaign. Our church, University Lutheran Chapel, committed to one day a week for the duration of the 40 days, so I knew I had familiar faces at least before and after me. I came in, pretty shy, just to pray for an hour. Then just kept coming back every fall and spring. Last spring, the same friend that got me involved with 40 Days encouraged me to move into sidewalk counseling. She was leaving at the end of the spring, so we had a few months out on the side walk together, counseling our first abortion days together.
Why you are pro life (is there a story here?): I don’t have a really unique, ultra-moving story about my pro-life stance. Growing up, our family beliefs always included a pro-life viewpoint. The full impact and actual involvement in the movement didn’t hit me until I came out for my first 40 Days campaign. It was also something that our pastors actually preached about in church here, which was new for me. The more I talked with the people on the sidewalk, the more I read and learned, the more God really pulled me in to a deeper commitment to a pro-life stance in my life and involvements.
Any additional thoughts (comments): Every time out on the sidewalk is a new experience. From prayer to the conversations going on between counselors or people with questions to conversations with clients, there is always something to be learned and encouraged from.
As a word of encouragement to others contemplating praying or counseling, the staff at the Coalition for Life is so incredibly helpful and encouraging every step along the way. Take the first step and go in and chat with them for a bit! :)

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